Heard about Adobe Lightroom, a new app in Beta from Adobe, today and decided to download it and try it out. Its still rough around the edges and I wished it did some things, but I have to say I’m impressed. I plan on making it part of my work flow right away. Matter of fact its processing the background as we speak.

What makes it cool? #1 it is fast. On my PowerBook G4 it loaded all the thumbnails for over 200 NEF files in about 15 seconds. It would take Capture One about 15 minutes to do the same task. It loaded full versions in about 30 seconds at 1:1 ratio.

Did I mention it runs on my PowerBook? That beats Apple Aperture right from the get go.

I went through all the images, selecting groups and using compare mode to pick the best of each sequence. I used the rating system to rate the images, then the filter by rating to group them. Then I made collections based on that.

Export is what’s going right now and I think it could save me a lot of time over C1. I don’t have to output TIFFs for my outtakes and can go directly to JPEG. If it badged the exports it I wouldn’t need PS at all, but a batch in PS will handle the outtakes quickly.

A quick review, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the near future.

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