Blogroll Cleaning


NetNewsWire is the RSS feed reader I use to read all the blogs I read. It is great and everyone should buy it.

I wrote a custom Ruby script to generate the html blogroll you see at the left of the page from NNW subscription list. So what you see is what I read.

One of the cool features is a window called Dinosaurs. This lists all the feeds that haven’t been updated in awhile. I went and removed quite a few of them from my blog list.

One of the dead feeds was the technocrati feed for links to Reactuate. Which was surprising. So I went to check it out and found a new blog Lost Thoughts which lists me in their blogroll. I’ve subscribe and look forward to reading it. Guy loves Firefly so he can’t be all bad.

Also added Violet Blue’s(NWS) blog, to see how the other half lives.