Movie Progress


Last night I did a number of things related to the movie.

The big thing was I started story boarding. When I did my shot list I wasn’t going to storyboard. But when I ended up having till New Years to start shooting I decided I had time for a little more detail. I found a PDF online that has 6 panels and I now have five pages of storyboards. This is what I consider the middle of the movie. One things I didn’t do was storyboard each shot when two characters are talking to each other and it will be back and forth. Don’t know if I should do that or not.

I also watched the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Wish, where Cordilia wishes Buffy out of Sunnydale. Why is this related to the movie? Because one of my characters I think of as a lot like Willow when she was a vampire in this episode. Having watched it I still like the sadistic, creepy vibe, though she moved a lot slower in this episode than I think of Lovergirl moving. We’ll see.