I’m fantasying about being a filmmaker again and so am reading/watching film related stuff. I searched Netflicks for filmmaking videos and didn’t find much. But one of the things that came up was the HBO series Unscripted, so rented the first disk. Don’t think I’ll watch the second.

This is billed as comedy, but it is much more a tragedy. It is about a group of aspiring actors and the trials and tribulations they go through to “make it”. Or not make it, as is more often the case. The group includes Krista Allen, who I really like, as herself. In her case it is more a search for serious roles as opposed to bimbo roles.

I guess when these fresh faced actors end up sitting in Brad Pitt’s chair while working as a stand-in, it’s suppose to be funny. I mean Brad didn’t yell at them, he was nice, but you know how they would really feel. Extremely embarrassed, in front of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and to me that’s just painful.

Made me want to be a filmmaker a little less because I didn’t want to do that to people.

I have an idea that started as a novel, but now I want to convert to a TV show or movie. One of the roles would fit Krista perfectly. It calls for a beautiful, athletic women. But in the first scene she’d be wearing something skimpy acting like a bimbo. The scene twists at the end and we see it was an act. After watching Unscripted you feel she might not read past the first 5 pages. Actually you know she would, but you know she wouldn’t want a role where she was being exploited because of her beauty.

Which makes me think of something I’ve notice in casting calls. They are all based on race, age and look. You cast actors with those criteria. I’m sure ability comes in later, but in the script characters are described that way. I know as a writer I sometimes think in similar terms, but really a lot of characters could have more variance than that.

Anyway my thumbnail review is it shows what aspiring actor’s life is like, and I don’t find that kind of pain entertaining.

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