Ruby on Rails Is Driving Me Nuts


RoR isn’t driving me nuts because it is hard to program. Its driving me nuts because its hard to keep things working. I’m trying to develop a website on my OSX Powerbook and I swear I’ve spent way more time installing and uninstalling crap to get things working than I have coding.

Right now I’m down again. I cleaned off my system and then used Locomotive to install Rails. As a bonus I got RMagick as well. That was great and got past an obstacle I had before making thumbnails. Now it worked. But something else wasn’t working so I decided, hey I’ll upgrade to the latest Locomotive.

Install and now my picture class doesn’t even load. I get the error. “uninitialized constant Picture” when I try to do a simple list with images in it. Grrrr.

I’m about this close to dumping Rails and just doing it in PHP. Might not be as wizbang and lots of free stuff, but it should work!

But I started with Rails because I liked Ruby and don’t want to write a bunch of code in PHP.

Well I’ve got another project to do first. A friend and I are acquiring a photography site and I’m doing the technical stuff, which is mainly picking forum software and installing it….

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