Wikipedia from the Experts


So the BBC asked a bunch of experts to comment on the accuracy of the Wikipedia entries of their fields.

They often complained of the writing style of the entries, while admitting to few inaccuracies. They also said the entries were incomplete, but allowed you don’t expect an encyclopedia to be exhaustive. And guess what the guy from the Encyclopedia Britanica didn’t like the entry on encyclopedias. That’s like asking Micheal Moore to review Tom Delay’s indictment.

Any proponent of Wikipedia will tell “If you don’t like it, change it.” Any of these experts could turn the entries into exhaustive treatises. The guy who pointed out errors in spelling really should have just fixed them. I’m sure they are fixed by now.

I like the Wikipedia. It’s easy to search and use, and it gives you a quick overview of a subject, just like an encyclopedia is suppose to. And the article does basically say it is accurate.

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