CHL Holder Shoots Robber

During lunch I heard a story on the radio news, saying a CHL holder in Northwest Houston shot and killed one of two men who attempted to rob him outside his apartment this morning. The story said the man killed had a gun, when he pulled it the complainant pulled his gun and shot him. The other guy ran away.

Looking for more details. This story on KTRH on the story seems to imply the certainty of the man being a CHL holder is in question. They also don’t mention a gun with the dead robber, though they wonder if he had a CHL. That’s the first time I’ve ever read a news report ask if a robber had a CHL. (Update: I think I read that wrong. Looks like they aren’t sure the guy being robbed had a CHL.)

This story uses the word allegedly about 100 times. I’m mostly OK with that because I learned in Communication Law the danger a newspaper faces for saying someone committed a crime with they aren’t later convicted of it. Again no mention of the “victim” carrying a gun. Guess you become the victim when you get shot, even if you were the robber before that.

For what it is worth, the story I reported in paragraph one is a quote from a cop, not the reporter’s story.

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