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In case you have heard, NetNewsWire – the RSS feed reader I use – has been acquired by NewsGator.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. NNW and Ranchero were one of those few good independent Mac products. It was an awesome product. I guess it still is. I’m just a little pessimistic about any Mac app that gets acquired by a PC centric company.

Interesting things from the interview at the above link:

Who is Greg? He’s never introduced.

Q: Brent, I thought you loved being an independent developer. How could you work for another company?

Brent: I did love being an independent developer, absolutely. But I also love the idea of being able to take NetNewsWire to the next level and work with a bunch of smart folks who share the vision of RSS everywhere.

And I like to bath in piles of cash.

Q: What will happen to MarsEdit and the various freeware apps (BigCat, Huevos, TigerLaunch)?

Brent: We’re looking for new homes for all of these applications, and they’re in various stages. Our primary goal is to make sure existing customers are taken care of, and have a migration and upgrade path forward.

In truth my first mental response was I’d love to take over development of MarsEdit. I may be writing this post in ecto, but I really like MarsEdit and would love to be able to give it the features ecto has that it is missing. Of course I don’t have the cash it would take to acquired said asset I’m sure. And I don’t have a great track record of keeping up my own shareware products.

Q: Is Brent moving to Denver? Or Tennessee?

Brent: No, I’ll be staying in Seattle.

Cuz I sure don’t want to live in a Red State. 🙂

Brent I apologize ahead of time for putting words in your mouth.

Wonder if NewsGator is hiring Mac people now?

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  1. FYI, “Greg” in the Q&A is Greg Reinacker, founder and CTO of NewsGator. (me :-).

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