So I’m getting into this whole pod casting thing. With iTunes it is real easy. Here’s what I’m subscribed to right now:

All in the Mind Which is a show about psychology and is interesting. They had a neuro-scientist on there recently talking about what is art from the brains point of view. One interesting thing he said was some people are opposed to neurosciences because they break everything down to the neurons. Then they can go up to two lovers and say you are in love because this part of your brain is stimulated this way and they chemicals are flowing. And people think that means love doesn’t exist, but in reality it proves it does. You can look at the low level stuff in the brain and see what you are feeling is really love.

KCRW’s The Treatment Is a podcast of an NPR show that interviews movie makers. Fascinating stuff. I got it first because the director of Momento was on there. Recently I enjoyed the interview with Penn Jellette and Paul Provensa about the Aristocats. But everyone I’ve listened to has be facinating.

This Week In Tech or TWit is a bunch of TechTV people talking tech stuff.

I’ve also got an Odeo feed that includes Endurance Radio.

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