Keyword Checker

I found this page where they will analyze a page like a search engine would and rank the keywords the engine would find.

The interesting thing is when pointing to Reactate the word Blog is at the top of the list. This is because it is used in the template for every page alot. Now Google recently allowed new hidden tags you can wrap actual content in to avoid this and I have added them to Reactuate. But other search engines probably don’t see them. So I think I’ll make some minor changes to lower the blog mentions.

UPDATE:OK it wasn’t that easy. Changed Blogroll to Favorites. Changed blog category to Reactuate. But that didn’t bring blog down from the top keyword. It seems to look at URLs a lot too and you can’t change them. For instance Technocrati is high on the list, but it is only in the URL for the tags and the badge at the left.

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