Neon Genesis Evangelion

So I finished Neon Genesis a couple of days ago. But the last three episodes sucked. They took place mostly in the characters head and were filled with psycho-babble that boiled down to “you can have a positive attitude in very bad times.” Not a bad message just long winded and incoherent.

And there was no discussion about what happen to the other characters, or even what happen to Shoji outside his own head.

I was glad to find that I wasn’t the only one with this feeling. It turns out there were so many that felt this way they made a movie. But I think I’m going to pass after reading this review from Netflix.

As one of the US adaptation crew says in the commentary, this is the creator of the series giving a big “up yours” to the fans who complained about the end of the series. He seems like he’s giving the fans everything, plot resolutions, character development, really really good fight scenes, but he’s doing it in an utterly destructive and horrific way.

There is only so much pain and anguish I’m going to put up with.

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