Fixing the Blog

My blog was more than a little broken. But I’ve fixed a few things.

Google SiteMap was ordered funny. Turns out it was sorted by the database field post_modified, which was empty for all of the posts I imported from Nucleus. I wrote some PHP to go through and set that field to the same as post_date. Seems a little strange they sorted by one thing and included the other. But it is fixed now.

Permlinks broken for a bunch of entries. Again all those entries that hadn’t been edited by WordPress had no value for post_name. This is derived from the post title. I ran all the empty ones through some of the code from inside WordPress and got them all set. While there I generated guids as well.

About Me link was empty. The About Me link on the left side bar didn’t go anywhere. I updated it to the new permalink structured URL. Now I need to go back an edit that post to bring it up to date.

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