I’m a WordPress user but as a guest blogger at Countertop Chronicles I’m going to be using Blogger, which I’m predisposed to believe sucks. So this will give me an oppurtunity to comment on the things I like and dislike when using Blogger.

First dislike encountered. When you create and account you can have a picture in your profile. This picture is specified by a URL. So I decided to use my Gravatar. But when I put the URL in, I got an error that the URL can only be 68 characters long. That’s stupid. If I used a URL on my photography site it would quickly get to 68 because the domain name is large. And why 68? That is not a computer number 64 is. 128, 256 are, but not 68.

A good thing. I like the interface to post. It has a preview button that switches to what will actually be posted. And it use AJAX to do it so the whole paged doesn’t reload.

Bad thing. When ever you write a post you have to wait while it regenerates all the html pages. Poo. I’d rather have the dynamic nature of WordPress. But I understand the trade offs.

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