D’oh I’m in Google


I mentioned the google local search wasn’t working to the right. Well today I figured out why. I was at google’s main site and decided to do an advanced search. I limited it to my domain and low and behold it work.

Come back to the site and it doesn’t.

What’s the difference?

I dig around for a little while and realize the search box at the side is limiting the domain to “reactuate” and not “reactuate.com”. A quick change to the template and boom, search works.

Now you can judge if it is a better search than the WordPress one above it.

Update: So I tried a couple of searches. “Walther” returned 1 result in Google and half a dozen in WordPress. So WP wins there.

But when I put in Alexandra google gave me not only Alexandra on this site, but also on my photography site, which is the subdomain “photo.reactuate.com”. Which is handy.

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