Teach You Kid to Program

Found a great two part blog entry on teaching a 6 year old to program.

I liked part two the best because it contained all kinds of funny nuggets. Firstly, after being a Mac Programmer for 12 years, I was surprised and glad to see this comment:”But the Mac is Unix. It is a hacker’s system.”

Though I almost picked up the phone to call CPS when it was followed by “It comes with all the important languages: C, Java, perl, and python, not to mention bash and sed and awk. And vi. And emacs.” If he makes a 6 year old use vi…. Well he wasn’t totally cruel, only made him use emacs.

Then he taught him Python, which of course will teach him all kinds of bad habits about delimiting code. 🙂

But kids are awesome and I loved what his son thought was important vs. what his programmer Dad thought about.

Now if super-homeschooling Dad would teach his 12 and 13 year old how to program…