Why So Many Words

Blog’s becoming somewhat internet money making focused lately. Tell you what, I promise to post some new pictures of Shelli this evening. 🙂

But first I have a mini-rant. I’ve gone to a lot of pages about Internet Marketing and one of the things almost all of them have is a affiliate link to an ebook on some aspect of internet marketing. That’s fine because its relevant to the site.

The problem is when you click them.

They always lead to a page with thousands of words. Examples:

Making Money With Google AdSense. 4685 words. I read about 100.

Jay Abraham’s Affliate program. 7491 words. I read about 200.

Learn From Mike 4373 words. I do think his free course is a great introduction. I’ve been reading it for a few days now.

Both of these guys also have audio programs. So not only can you wade through 100 pages of sales pitch, you can listen to a rambling recording of the same pitch in different words.

I’m picking on these two because I ran into them the most recently. But this style of writing is common. Someone should turn it on its head and do something short, or hierarchically linked.

And pretty. Pretty would be nice.

Big hat tip to the JavaScript word count page. Made doing this real easy.