AdSense Experiement

After reading ProBlogger’s post about making $14,000 in one month with AdSense I decided to sign up. I was going to sign up anyway for my photographer and model website, but went ahead and did it now.

I thought they have to approve every website you are putting ads on, but it turns out it is only you they have to approve. So I sent them Reactuate and they approved me. I’m not sure where I’d put ads here, or if it would piss off both of my readers, so I haven’t added the ads yet.

I did add a Goggle search field, hoping it might be better for searching Reactuate that WordPress, but so far it isn’t. We’ll see if it gets better.

Now about my experiment. I added ads to my dead cooking blog. I haven’t posted there since January. Mostly because I rarely cook these days and haven’t had anything to say. But there is some decent content there. And given it’s very focused, I thought it might have some chance of getting clicks. Plus the template has a place for ads. So let’s see what happens.