iTunes Affiliate

Finally after almost a week I was approved for the iTunes affiliate program.

But to add a link I had to use a slow, lame link generator on a web page. Which wasn’t going to work for my generic insert script. Luckily there is Google. A quick search found me a blogger who figured how to autogenerate affiliate links.

Now to write a script.

OK I wrote a script and discovered the hack doesn’t work any more. It works for the title of the song, but not the artist or album name. Might be able to fix that, but need to do some different work right now.

iTunes New Year’s Day by U2 from War


  1. Rob says:

    So do your sales rate 5 percent or 1 cent per item? I never could find out what the payout was from the Apple web site.

    Do you have a privacy policy as requested from the Linkshare people? Why do they want a privacy policy from a blog?!? There’s no privacy here, eh?

    I’m thinking of becoming an iTMS affiliate but now after looking around I’m thinking maybe is a better way.

  2. Ron says:

    The whole terms and conditions, include what privacy policy I’ve found at one Apple’s public site here

    Sales rate is 5% on all sales with in 24 hours of a user’s click on one of my links. 5% or 99 cents is about 5 cents, not one.

    Amazon has the potential to make a bigger sale, but seems less likely to make a sale at all. If I link to the album on Amazon the user has to spend $12 for a CD. If I link to a song, they only have to spend $1. Seems the conversion would be higher.

    Plus I rarely buy CDs anymore. Generally if a song isn’t on ITMS, I just do without.

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