Milk Containers


Via Joanne Jacobs: They are getting rid of the little cardboard half pint milk cartons.

”Those … square containers are awfully hard for kids,” says New Hampshire Agriculture Commissioner Steve Taylor, who has watched the trend spread to some 320 schools in New England. ”Teachers say you can spend the whole lunch period just walking around and opening those containers.”

The article admits the main reason they are doing it is because the dairy industry thinks kids will drink more milk if it comes in round bottles. But the comment above inspired an eye roll.

Come on. When I was an elementary school kid I figured out how to get these things open. I mean you could give them to a monkey and they’d eventually figure out how to get the contents if they wanted it. You could definitely train a monkey to open one.

Maybe the teachers shouldn’t spend all her time making it easy for the kid to get their milk open and they’d learn to do it themselves.

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  1. Neuroto says:

    I came here from Joanne Jacobs, and I agree with you Ron, this one had me scratching my head.

    Nice blog.

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