Honey Tip

I made 10 Minute Applesauce last night and in the process learned a couple of things.

It takes me about 15 minutes to peel, core and quarter 6 apples.

1 tablespoon of honey weights about 20 grams.

Honey is a pain to measure because it is so sticky. But it’s easy if you use weight because you can put it directly into the container. Take your container of apples etc. and put it on your digital scale. Make sure your on metric measurement. Press the tare button and add honey till it registers 60 grams. Much easier than pouring the honey into a tablespoon and waiting for it to all run out into the container. Which it never will.

I also skipped the cognac because I just don’t have any and don’t know if I’d like it, so I don’t want to go buy a bottle of cognac just to get two tablespoons. I thought about taking a capped test tube to a bar, ordering a shot and pouring it into the test tube, but never did it.

Applesauce tasted great, especially warm.