Yellow Cake

I watched Good Eats tonight and got inspired. Didn’t look that hard to make yellow cake and I think I have all the ingredients. The Mrs. is at the book store with the eldest. I’m a little bored….

Well, let’s just go see if I have the ingredients. Yep. Got the cake flour left over from the great cookie experiment.

Let’s look up the recipe. Open up the lap top, which happened to have been left in the kitchen when I came in from work. Go straight to the Good Eats Fan page and look up the transcript of the show (A Cake On Every Plate). Click over to the Food Network recipe(Golden Cake). These are often a little off and look it’s not in metric, even though the show was.

Wait, the metric is in there too. That would be cool.

So I stared measuring and mixing.

Things I screwed up.

1. Add the milk with the eggs. It should have gone in with the flour.

2. Alton specifically said not to use dark colored pans, but that’s what I had.

But the batter came out looking and tasting great. Sorry no pictures.

Right now I am waiting for the cakes to cool enough to come out of the pan. Its been 15 minutes. The pans are “non-stick”, and I did coat them with shortening. But still the cakes won’t come out.

And I have no icing.

Later that same night….DestoriedCake.JPG

Well, the first cake came out the pan. Or to be more precise, half the cake came out.

It does taste OK. I’m leaving the other one to cool a little longer, maybe it will harden up.

Which reminds me of something. I was looking for an icing I could make with what I have and looked at a cake in Wolfgang Puck’s book. He actually puts the cake in the fridge and lets it chill there. I think I’ll try that for a little while with the other cake.

Even later that same night….

Well cake #2 came out of the pan worse than caked #1. I’m not even going to take a picture.

Does taste good though. Really sweet and light. Just falls apart in your mouth/hand. :).

Any of you pastry experts got any idea what went wrong? Was it just the pan? Seems there was too much moisture in the cake centers, edges came away from the pan fine. Maybe I didn’t cook it long enough. But the toothpick came out clean. I guess I could have used a thermometer. But my probe thermometer would make a pretty big whole.

Books Referenced

Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy
Wolfgang Puck; Buy New: $20.99