Cooking School and Reading a Blog Backwards


I found the blog Burning My Fingers a few days ago. It is a blog of a woman going to the Boston University culinary program before starting a Master’s in Gastronomy. It’s a great read if you secretly desire to go to cooking school. Also there are a number of cooking tips through out the entries that are priceless.

I went looking to see if I could find such a blog for Houston cooking schools, but didn’t find any. Seems a school like this should give scholarships to bloggers if they blog their experiences. I mean I want to go to the BU program now. So if the Art Institute of Houston or Alain & Marie Lenotre Culinary Institute want to offer an experienced blogger a scholarship contact me.

I’ve almost read the whole blog. Her program is over December 11 and I’m currently reading November 7. You know what? Its a pain to read a blog backwards, but I figured out a little tip – after reading half the blog the hard way. Go to the individual post page of the earliest entry you want to start to read. Normally you get this by clicking on the comments link. Then you can just use the next entry button on the page.

Of course that wouldn’t work on Reactuate because there is no next button on the individual pages. Need to fix that.