Rachel Ray


In a total departure from previous posts….

Rachel Ray has like three shows on the Food Network. Since Good Eats always starts early I’ve got TIVO catching the last few minutes of 30 Minutes Meals.

I’m something of cooking snob and don’t like easy stuff. I want macho I made it from scratch stuff. So I don’t really watch her show.

But I’ve always thought she was the epitome of cute. She’s got a great smile and is always bubbly. But today while surfing the Good Eats Fan Club forum I got a link that surprised and pleased me. Rachel did a spread in FHM and looked really hot. Their site no longer has the pictures, but I found another site that did.

This is also something of a classic icon in glamour photography. A beautiful woman, scantily clad cooking. As the guy with the pictures says, “What more could a man want? A girl that looks like that, AND bakes you pies.”