Jesus couldn’t be an elder.


Last night I was up late. I actually went to bed early, but woke up again with this crazy idea I needed to write down all the churches I’ve been to since I was married.

So I got up and did it. Then when I tried to go back to sleep I had three insights into God stuff. Unfortunately I didn’t write them down and only remember 2.

One was that Jesus wouldn’t qualify to be an elder at my church. He’s not married and that’s on the list. He has no kids and that’s on the list. But finally his answer to this question – that all the elder candidates had to answer – would disqualify him in way too many people’s eyes.

Do you or your wife have any personal habits/traits that could harm your influence as an elder? In other words do you do anything that is going to shock and upset people.

How about hanging around with prostitutes?(Luke 7:37) Or people that are part of fringe groups bent on overthrowing the government?(Simon the Zealot) How about providing wine at a party to people who were already drunk?(John 2:10)

I think if I ever have to answer such a silly question I’m going to say. “Well, one of my favorite things to do is go to Hooters drink beer and eat chicken wings. And I think the most beautiful thing God created are women and I get great joy out of looking at them.”

As an aside for the record, so you won’t think less of me, I think Hooters has mediocre wings.

I understand why that question is there. But the scandal of Jesus’ conduct during his time on Earth would insure he’d need to tell people things they wouldn’t want to hear on that question.

The other insight is in the next post. Why did Jesus have to die?