Trying New Weblog Editor


I use Kung-Log to edit Reactuate. I use NetNewsWire Lite to read news. I never got the full NNW version because I didn’t want the editor. I tried it for awhile, but didn’t like it.

So now I’m trying out the new beta of MarsEdit, which is a rewritten editor from the NNW people. So far it pretty much does everything Kung-Log did, though sometimes in a different way.

I can’t figure out how to add a keyboard shortcut to the custom tags, but it is probably there. And I need to mess with the iTunes insertion script to get it to format the way I want.

Written while listening to “Let’s Do It Again” by TLCfrom album CrazySexyCool

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  1. Brent Simmons says:

    Thanks for trying out MarsEdit!

    To add a keyboard shortcut, choose Edit Shortcuts from the bottom of the HTML menu. The shortcuts editor lets you add shortcuts for both the HTML and Custom menus.

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