What don’t you blog about?


Here’s an interesting question to all you bloggers. Feel free to comment or trackback.

What’s off limits in your blogging? What subjects won’t you blog about? Why?

This occured because there is a 4 post series in the drafts section of my blog editor that I haven’t posted for at least a year. It is on the edge of what I will post about, so I wrote them, but I’m a chicken to post them.

I also mostly don’t post about politics. I do some but not constantly. Sometimes I think that’s the easiest way to get your blog read. Political blogs seem to be big, plentiful and highly trafficked. Sometimes I want that for Reactuate, but I’m not really into arguing politics or getting hate mail so I don’t do it.

Also I don’t blog about work. For obvious reasons.

To some extent I don’t blog about anything I wouldn’t want the people from church or my folks to read. I’m not an anonymous blogger. My full name and hometown are in my about me.

What about you?

And feel free to post a link to this entry in your blog to get other blogger’s involved. Thanks.


  1. dtc says:

    I don’t post about work or politics either. I also don’t post anyone’s including my own name.

  2. Mulletman says:

    Like you, I don’t post anything I want to keep from my family, friends or church. I don’t post anything from relationships from that be kept secret. I dont post last names, phones numbers, addresses. Basically, when it comes to others, I’m not going to post anything about them that I wouldn’t want posted about me.

  3. Jack Cluth says:

    Work is absolutely verboten. There have been too many examples of bloggers losing there jobs because they blur the line. It’s not worth taking the risk. In fact, unless asked, I never talk about my blog at work. One can never be too cautious.

  4. Chica says:

    I don’t post about other people unless what I have to say is good, but I can see why people have protected blogs.

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