High Capacity Walther Mags


As long time readers will know I carry a Walther P99 handgun. It is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and I have 2 10 round magazines for it. Now that the scary weapon ban is gone, I want some higher capacity magazines. According to the Walther FAQ there are 16 round mags available.

I contacted Cheaper Than Dirt and they said they can sell the 16 round mags to anyone even though they are stamped LE only, but they can’t get them.

Has anyone seen any or know of anywhere to get some?

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  1. Darkrogue says:

    I bought some mags from cheaper than dirt, but they werent the LE mags. They were some other generic kind, but I got them to work. I had to just sand down the floor plate alittle to have it fit in the gun. I would reccomend finding official LE mags, and buying those. Or SW 99 high caps, it is basically the same clip. I pack a walther p99 9mm military. Hope I helped.

  2. Michael Tetrick says:

    I also have a P99/9mm, and found a couple of sources for the HCap Mags. They all work very nicely. Impact Guns in Utah seems to be the best. FourFourMag in Oregon also has and will sell them to you.

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