No desire


I haven’t posted in awhile and I’m probably not going to for awhile. I’ve just got no desire to do anything right now. I spent most of the day off yesterday thinking “I really should do X” and then not doing it. Doing nothing is a good thing sometimes and a three day weekend is a good time for that. But I also didn’t do Model of the Week last week and probably won’t do it today either.

I did cook this weekend and that was good. I branched out into salads and vinaigrettes. Did a spinach and strawberry salad that was pretty good. Even the boys like it. I think next time though will use less poppy and sesame seeds. Also made two vinaigrettes for a mixed green salad. An oriental vinaigrette, which wasn’t much of a vinaigrette, and a mustard vinaigrette, which was good.

I made Chicken with Garlic and Shallots again. This time I’m brined the chicken ahead of time because Cooks Illustrated said they brine all their chicken. Well it tasted salty, which I don’t think it is suppose to. It was much moister though.

Written while listening to “White Wedding, Pt. 1”
album Billy Idol: Greatest Hits
by Billy Idol
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