Model of the Week: Kori


This week we have more of the traditional blonde bombshell that dominates the annals of American beauty. Long blonde hair, full beautiful breasts, curvy figure and petite. Kori.

5′ 5″, 105lbs
BMI: 17.5
Measurements: 35-25-35
Age: 22

Still no blog, but Kori does have her own website, Kori model. She doesn’t seem to have a last name, which last week’s MOW’s didn’t have either, but it just seemed Kori should.

Kori’s bio mentions she was lead singer in an alternative band for awhile, but alas there’s no MP3 of her singing. That would have been cool and different.

Speaking of different, check out this picture of her naked in downtown Portland. (Its work safe ness depends on your work I guess).

Why is it I feel comfortable saying a women has great legs, but am embarrassed to mention Kori has a pair of the most beautiful breast I’ve ever seen.

The picture on the left is why I found Kori. As I mentioned earlier I’m going to a glamor photography workshop this weekend. So I’ve been looking through portfolio’s of models and photographers for ideas for pictures and posing. On this quest I came across this picture. It has a quality of light that I really like. It is very white, but the colors just pop out. There are a couple of pictures in Kori’s OMP portfolio that have this quality. Including this one of her next to a wall and this one in the same outfit.

I really want to know how those pictures were shot.

But the more I looked at her pictures the more enamored of her I became and I realized she was destined for Model of the Week.

The picture to the right was picked because I like the light, and I like the way her figure looks in the pose. And I love the shoes.

Both of these pictures are by the same photographer, Michael Dixon. You see this quality of light in a number of his pictures. I went looking for a way to contact him, but haven’t found one yet. I did find another Mike Dixon glamour photographer. Which actually make me kind of smile because there is already a photographer named Ron Davis in L.A.

A little behind the scenes info. I always send an email to the winner. Only AJ has responded, with a very nice email. I’m going to email Kori and ask if she can forward on a request for how those pictures were taken to Michael Dixon. Well see what happens.

Notice to Photographers