Model of the Week: Alla Velasco


My first week I slogged through a lot of wanna be models.

It was a dirty job, but I had to do it.

I started out on Garage Glamour and went to One Model Place. This means I spent a lot of time looking at bare breasts. To the point I was starting to wonder if there were any models who didn’t like to show them off. The funniest thing was many would say in their descriptions that they didn’t do nude for anyone but Playboy and then have pictures of themselves naked in their portfolio.

But I don’t want to take the whole entry up talking about the search.

Alla Velsco is our first official Model of the Week.

She’s is a Russian born blonde. I wanted to pick a redhead, and I have a couple on tap, but Alla’s chiseled features and piercing eyes won the day. I love short hair on women who can make it work. In order to do that hey have to have very clear features. Alla has some of the clearest features around.

I was surprised and delighted to find most 18 year olds models just thought they were pretty on these sites. I guess there is a weeding out process over time. Alla is 34, only a few years younger than yours truly.


5″ 1′ and 95 lbs, with a BMI of 18.1.

34B – 24 – 33

Blonde hair and grey eyes.

She’s athletic, giving her a very lean and tight figure.

Her biggest collection of pictures is on the photographer Joel Edelmann’s website. She’s also on OMP, and The Glamour Model. Another photographer who did good work with her is Marie DuPrie, though none of Alla’s picture are in her portfolio.

A site I was happy to see after hours of nude pictures was One Talent Search, which promised a G rated experience. Alla has a portfolio there as well.

Cute swimsuit shots and the text says she has her own modeling agency catering to Russian models.

Alla on Garage Glamour.

(There is a picture of her with red hair, but it just doesn’t look real)

For next week.

I’ve got a few runners up who might be next week’s winner. At least two of them are redheads. Another is a short haired blonde that I’m have trouble finding pictures of with her clothes on, which amazingly is a problem :>. Come back next week.

I’d give extra point for a good looking model with a blog. Models need more than just a collection of pictures on a bunch of websites.

Update: The first image of Alla was removed at the request of the photographer. If you want to see the image you can go here on his website.