Sharon Stone


Haven’t done any babes in a while. But I’ve been waiting for one to catch my fancy and then have some great pictures I can find on the net. Today Sharon Stone made the most emailed photo on Yahoo for the picture to the left.

Stone has always been a beauty. She’s got classic features and a sex kitten vibe that’s hard to ignore. She’s also not afraid to be overtly sexy.

According to this article Ms. Stone is 46 in the Rolling Stone shoot above. Which is impressive. The hotness factor in women seems to be sustained in older and older women. Witness Boflex’s new TV ad with a 50 year old that looks in her twenties.

I found lots of site’s with pictures of stone on them. The one with the most and the most easily accessible – meaning I could use Suck It Down to get the pictures – was (NWS).

My favorite picture is the one to the right. To me it exemplifies the sex kitten nature I mentioned before. She looks great and seems to be having fun. That’s the key to sex kitten-hood. You have to be having fun.

Another thing Sharon shows is you don’t have to have long hair to be beautiful or sexy. She’s consistently had short hair and it works for her. You do have to be lean to make short hair work, but she’s always had that. She’s a blonde which is normally a point against a babe in my book, but blonde seems to work best with short hair. I’ve never seen a hot red head with short hair.

Written while listening to “Little Red Corvette”
album 1999
by Prince

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  1. Sharon Stone says:

    Speaking of Sharon Stone, there’s going to a be a Basic Instict 2! I love Sharon Stone.

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