Sunday Afternoon Poker


Just got finished playing for about an hour on Pokerroom at the .25/.5 table. Went in with $20 came out with $37.50. That almost puts me back even.

Tried to play a lot tighter. Found myself chasing a little and won one on luck at the river.

My first two hands at the table were JJ and KK. Jacks didn’t hold up, but the kings turned out to be top hand at the show down.

Written while listening to “Why Can’t This Be Love”
album Van Halen Best Of Vol. 1
by Van Halen


  1. actionBERG says:

    Are you still playing poker? Was the table you were at limit or no-limit?

  2. Ron says:

    Not really any more, though I’m going to Vegas in October and plan to play then, so I need to practice before.

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