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I’ve decided to write down all of the poker I play and how I did. Since I’m writing it down, of course I am going to blog it.

Sunday night I got on and played some single table tournaments on pokerpages and poker room. I’m in the process of getting a account so I can actually lose real money, but it hasn’t come through yet. So part of the reason I was playing was to get a feel for how people play on the two services. I think in general pokerpages have better players, which is logical as it is a poker school first. Poker room has worse players and worse software.

Now worse players is a good thing from my perspective. I’m not sure yet which I’m going to play. I won’t be able to play these single table tournaments because the minimum buy is in $100, which is going to be my whole bankroll. I will play some multi-table tournaments because the buy in is small and you get a lot of play. Probably spend some time on low limit tables as well, trying to build the bankroll.

Anyway, here’s the play for Sunday night.

1. Single table, pokerpages, finished 5th.
2. Single table, pokerpages, finished 6th.
3. Single table, pokerpages, finished 1st.
4. Single Table, pokerroom. finished 1st.

One thing that really sucks about pokerroom is how they handle the last hand. I won the tournament, but don’t have any idea what I won the last hand with. As soon as the tournament is over the text just says you won, not what you won the hand with. Then five seconds later it closes the window. You can’t get a hand history either.

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