More tweaks


Spent some more time with Ruby this evening and wrote a script that parses the prefs file for NetNewsWire and generates and HTML version of the subscription hierarchy. So now my blogroll is hierarchical, like it is in my new reader.

I also added some code to filter out folders or URLs whose name is in parens. So you don’t have to see the feed for this site, or other feeds I read but would like to keep a secret.

And now that I’m showing my feeds to the world, I decided I needed to reorganize them. Which isn’t a big change to you, but mattered to me. Also drop a few and re-added one that was in my site list.

Some other changes happen as well. For some unknown reason when I upgraded Nucleus the site list’s format got screwy. Well I needed to weed it down a bit anyway so I did. Then there were so few links I decided to move it below the blog roll.

So now my blogroll is much more like I want it and I can stop messing with things.

Really I’m going to stop now.

UPDATE: Couldn’t stop myself. I added the date the blogroll was updated on.

I am going to stop now.

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