Elves of Tejas


I mentioned in my previous post I’m working on a campaign world. My working title is The Elves of Tejas, which it won’t ultimately be called because the story isn’t really about elves.

My goal is to have an adventure with the feel of Texas in the mid 1800s. Over that time it drove out the Mexican army, formed its own government and ultimately joined the union. Now take that sparsely settled – by the white man – area and populate it with the fantastic races and monsters of D&D.

Elven cowboys and indians.

Wildcat oil dwarfs.

The Texas Rangers

The Alamo mission

The possibilities are endless.

Another thing I want to do is work out a monotheistic religion. James has attempted monotheism in D&D and I will too. I’m inspired by Elizabeth Moon’s Deeds of Paksenarrion.

Which by the way is the best fantasy series ever written. I don’t say that lightly. If you play D&D and in particular if you are partial to paladins, you have to read that book.

Back to a monotheistic religion. Like Moon I intend to have a High Lord, the one God. He may have more than one name, but the same character across the races. Everyone good follows the High Lord, but depending the things they have a special passion for, they will devote themselves to a patron saint. You end up with saints like Gird, a common man turned warrior who lead the peasants in a revolt against the aristocracy and is now the patron of people and warriors who over throw tyranny. Or Lord Falk another patron of good warriors in Paksenarrion, but whose story we only hear bits of.

I’m not putting those exact characters in my world, but there will be saints like them

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  1. James R. Rummel says:

    Good post.


  2. Jay Michael says:

    I too have developed and am developing monotheist religions for my campaign setting of Ebonyr.

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