Arrest Quota


Seems that cops in Houston are now going to have to make a quota of arrests. This is trouble. It should be pointed out having ticket writing quotas is bad, but arrest quotas is worse. The consequences for getting a ticket are much worse than being arrested. If a CHL holder gets arrested – not tried or convicted – they lose their license, until they are tried and found not guilty. (Doesn’t seem constitutional does it).

There are a number of other problems with having an outstanding arrest on your record. And of course there is the problem of spending time in jail.

Does it say something about me that I’m worried about this happening to me? I’m a squeaky clean citizen – proven by the fact I have CHL – but I fear having cops need to make a quota of arrests before their next review.

Via Bloodletting.

Written while listening to “Boom! Shake The Room”
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