Via Instapundit: A review of SuperSize Me, a film about a guy who eats only at McDonalds for 30 days.

One of my co-workers went and saw it last weekend and we talked about it on Monday. There was an interesting correlary with the reviewers reaction and mine.

But it may even backfire. I haven’t been to any McDonald’s in a couple of years. But by the end of this film, McDonald’s was starting to seem kind of dangerous and exotic, like an opium den in Shanghai, and I was craving a Big Mac. Until Mr. Spurlock reminded me, I’d forgotten how wonderful they were.

Guess where I had lunch on Monday after our discussion? Yeah McDonalds. I don’t normally eat there, but I had a craving.

Seth has an interesting suggestion for McDonald’s I don’t think we’ll see, but would be radical.

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