Search for Fame


I followed a link off Boing Boing to see who was linking to a particular story and found the Technocrati site. I’d been there before but decided I need to to see who was linking to Reactuate.

As an aside – is it good to discuss how you got from link to link? Anyway I’m going to do it.

I found I was on a couple of blogs I hadn’t seen, one being The Countertop Chronicles who linked to me because I pointed him to Kung-Log/ecto. On his sidebar he had his rank in the TTLB Ecosystem. So I went and read up on it and signed Reactute up to it.

For future reference here’s my ranking via the supplied JavaScript:

While there I ended up going to SiteMeter and signing up for a site meter for Reactuate as well.

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album Vision Quest Soundtrack
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