And the winners are…


Firstly I spent way too much time on this. I actually wrote a ruby script to generate a page with all my candidates on it showing all of their pictures from the Miss Universe site. But realize it will take a while to load. (I’m also shamelessly stealing their bandwidth.)

In third place in Ron’s ranking…Miss Egypt. Piercing dark eyes and flowing dark hair, I almost made her #1 because I didn’t want to vote for a blonde. I thought she looked great in the Fadil and portraits, but didn’t have good presentation in the other pictures.

In second place, our own Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey. Gorgeous blonde hair and everything else. I really can’t find anything wrong with her. She could have been #1, but the winner had a slight unconscious edge in my eyes.

And the winner is Miss Norway. I think it is the blue eyes that put her over the top.

Picking and ranking the top five was the hardest. Miss Estonia and Miss Paraguay we also very lovely, but I had to pick three.

I generated a page with all the candidates from my previous post, broken into groups as I eliminated them.