Macs and the FBI


Interesting article via MacSlash on the FBI, Macs and security.

Dave also had a great quotation for us: “If you’re a bad guy and you want to frustrate law enforcement, use a Mac.” Basically, police and government agencies know what to do with seized Windows machines. They can recover whatever information they want, with tools that they’ve used countless times. The same holds true, but to a lesser degree, for Unix-based machines. But Macs evidently stymie most law enforcement personnel. They just don’t know how to recover data on them. So what do they do? By and large, law enforcement personnel in American end up sending impounded Macs needing data recovery to the acknowledged North American Mac experts: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Evidently the Mounties have built up a knowledge and technique for Mac forensics that is second to none.

Another interesting thing was the author’s attitude toward FBI. He’d never met one and was surprised how personable the agent was. I grew up the son of a federal law enforcement. Feds are suppose to be personable. They are the most professional. They generally have more education, training and experience than local law enforcement. The FBI is suppose to be the best in these areas. Did you know that you can’t apply to be and FBI agent until have had some other job? You can’t be agent unless you were something else first. There are exceptions for lawyers and I think doctors.

Anyway an interesting article.