I work for a small company with a small office. We have two small bathrooms. But right now the guys bathroom is home to a stray cat. It had to be put there because the other two cat holders are already full. And no I don’t work for an animal shelter. Just seems like it.

And why the guy’s bathroom? All the guys want to feed the cats to a big dog. But the inconsiderate person who put them in our bathroom didn’t want to put them in the girls bathroom because it smelled too “chemically”. So we guys are using the women’s bathroom and I’d like the say that whole thing about women’s bathrooms always being cleaner is a myth.

So I’m a little pissed about this. Can you tell?

As a follow up to my post about being pissed at work. Things finally worked out. The person who calculates days off was wrong, thought it pained her to admit it and she had to do it in a way that implied she was doing me a favor. Now I do get to go see my parents at Xmas without having to do it without pay.

Written while listening to “Misunderstood”
album Bounce
by Bon Jovi