I’m Pissed


I’m pissed and its about work, which means I can’t blog about it. Crap.

So why am I even posting this? Because I need to vent a little. And I want a have a record of this. I can look back and say “oh yeah in December I was pissed at work. I know what that was about”.

Also I can’t deal with this at work until tomorrow because the person who ruined my day is out of the office which is ironic if you knew what the problem was. So I have to brood on it for at least 24 hours. Which will not do well for my personal mood.

Written while listening to “Around the World”
album Aquarius
by Aqua
Written while listening to “Doctor Jones”
album Aquarium
by Aqua

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  1. Carlene says:

    You -know- I feel your pain. Remember The Place I’m Not Discussing? Asshole co-worker with hands in my career, that’s why. Chin up, big boy. We’ll get ’em in the end.

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