Farscape and Galactica

Does anyone but me think Farscape on DVD is way over priced? I can get all four of the first seasons of Buffy for the same price as season 2 of Farscape.

I watched the first installment of the Battlestar Galactica last night on SciFi and liked it. It is shot in a very different way and you do get the feeling you are on a real life aircraft carrier. And you get a feel for the size of the Galatica when it gets hit by a nuclear missile and they just say “Brace for imact”. Spacecraft physics are realistic. And there are no laser weapons. Vipers have a machine gun and missiles.

And as everyone has commented, the characters are interesting. Number Six is creepy hot and I just don’t understand her motivation. I don’t understand why the Cylons want to kill all humans. I can understand them being sociopathic and not caring if they kill, but why kill when you have to go to trouble to do it?

Looking for a link I found that Galactica is only 2 nights. What kind of miniseries is that?

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