National Ammo Day


Today is National Buy Ammo day. I’m not sure I’m going to get ammo today because I may go to a gun show in Pasadena that sells ammo. You can’t sell ammunition at a gun show in the Houston city limits.

Normally I buy cheap 9mm at the range whenever I go, but I was thinking about buying some good hollow point ammo to load in my Walther when I’m carrying. But I really don’t know a lot about ammo. I talked to one of the other guys here who carries. He has some Black Talons in his carry piece, but they are illegal now. He suggested some good hollow points from a good manufacturer. So I went to Cheaper Than Dirt to see what kind of cost we were talking. There are literally hundreds of types of hollow point 9mm and I’m pretty confused.

I did a little searching and found this list of the best handgun ammo. There is only one 9mm on the list. “9 mm Parabellum 115 grain +P Cor-Bon JHP”. When I first read this I didn’t even understand what it was saying. I’ve now figured out Cor-Bon is the manufacturer and I found the bullets on CTD. They are expensive, so I won’t be buying 100 rounds of that, but I may buy a box to keep as my carry ammo.

I also may buy one or two more clips for my Walther. That way I can keep my carry ammo in the clip when I go to the range. I have two right now and I have to reload fairly often when at the range. More clips would help. Of course they cost $30 at CID, which is more than I want to spend right now. They don’t actually sell Walther clips, but the S&W99 is the same gun.

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