Well Houston had city elections yesterday. I almost forgot to do my civic duty, but remembered and went in the dark after work. I’m a bad voter though because when I got there I had no idea who to vote for in a number of the at large positions. I knew Addie Wiseman was my council person and voted for her. She actually knocked on my door and introduced herself when running for council last time. Doesn’t hurt she’s cute. But the deciders where she was from Kingwood and Republican.

I voted against both of the propositions on the ballot and they both passed. I make it a point to vote against the government spending more money on anything when I get a chance. Even on education because I don’t like paying for other people’s kids to be educated, but that’s a personal thing.

I voted for the Republican Orlando Sanchez for mayor and he is in a run-off but realistically he’s going to get his ass kicked.

While Houston’s politics are strange Denver has its share of weirdness.

Written while listening to “Matrix Theme”
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by Enigma