RSS/Posting Advice


It seems a lot of bloggers don’t understand that a lot of people don’t read their blog in a web browser. They read it in a RSS reader. I do this. All my blogs are read/watched in NetNewsWire.

What this means is I see your entry title and the part of it you put in your RSS feed. So if you have multiple topics in a single message, but only a short excerpt in the RSS feed, I may not read the whole thing and miss some of your great insight. Gennie does this all the time.

There are two ways to fix this problem. One would be to only have one topic per entry. Personally I think this is the cleaner way, but you may differ. The other solution would be to put the entire entry in the RSS feed. This is what I do on Reactuate. So people don’t have to come to your site at all, which some people might not want to do.

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