Male or Female


Via Dynamist Blog: An algorithm that will take text and tell you if it was written by a male or female.

I used my Adam Curry blog post since it was long and it correctly identified me as a male.

Now I’m going to be bad and grab some other blog entries from other people’s blogs.

First let’s see if it gets Ray right….source… verdict: Male.

Now Carlene…source…verdict: male

Suzi…source(without the quotes at the beginning)…verdict: Male.

Andy…source…verdict: Male

OK does it just always say Male?

Written while listening to “Why Can’t I?”
album Liz Phair
by Liz Phair
Written while listening to “Fuck and Run”
album Exile in Guyville
by Liz Phair
Written while listening to “Shit Towne”
album Throwing Copper
by Live


  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    I’ve run a couple of entries through that engine in the past and came up with about a 60/40 male/female split. Unsurprisingly (and somewhat stereotypically) when my topic was emotional the algorithm said female and when I was ranting it said male.

    Something I find even more interesting is the field of literary forensics – identifying works written by the same author by looking at sentence construction, punctuation, paragraph length, etc.

  2. Carlene says:

    Doesn’t really surprise me, though, Ron. I have more sack than most men I know.

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