Dizzy Girl’s post about her son’s protesting reminded me of something that happen this weekend. The family was out eating lunch and one of my kids asks, “What’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats?”

There is a long pause. The boys look at their mother. She looks at me. They look at me.

“Republicans are right….Democrats are wrong”

“I knew you were going to say that,” the wife says as we all laugh.

I did go on to tell them some of the things Democrats espouse, pro-abortion, anti-gun, big government, prejudice against people with money, etc. (If you end a sentence with an abbreviation, are you suppose to put two periods?)

Written while listening to “Summer of 69”
album Reckless
by Bryan Adams
Written while listening to “Heaven”
album MTV Unplugged
by Bryan Adams

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  1. Gennie says:

    Tee hee. We gotta teach these kids early. 😉

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