So Accordian Guy is attempting to find out how much influence he has over the blog-o-sphere. Or not. But he has declared Friday, First Annual Post a Picture of a Cat to Your Blog day. While I, like him, think of cats as the other white meat, I went to find a picture of a cat to post.

And avoided the obvious play on words and didn’t post a decidedly non-worksafe picture of the female anatomy.

While searching Google for cartoon cats I found a not safe for work picture of Jessica Rabbit. I sent it to the Mrs because she considers Jessica something of an alter-ego. Does that make me Roger Rabbit?

I also learned there are a lot of cats in the Internet Movie Database. I did a search for cat actresses and found Catherine Schwartz who is one of the few female cats in IMDB that wasn’t a porn star. This is one of the picture of her from her rarely posted to blog.

This was also an opportunity to test a Cocoa application I wrote to upload images for the blog. Yesterday dreamhost was having a lot of problems and I wasn’t able to upload anything. This did cause my app to crash. I didn’t debug then and now it works great.

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