Restyle Step 2


Did a little work on the site. There were some minor changes to the main CSS style sheet. There where also quite a few changes to the underlying HTML to make it XHTML. I’m now XHTML 1.1 valid, complete with little button in the sidebar.

I also did a little changing in structure. For instance the blog roll and site list are now an HTML list instead stead of separated by br tags. And there are hanging indents on the links so you can tell when one wraps just by looking at the list.

There is also a new element in the side bar, Look. It is suppose to let you switch between the standard grey background and the new in progress black background. But when I updated everything for XHTML it stopped working. At least for me in Safari. But I’m not going to fix it right now.

UPDATE: Apparently IE for the Mac doesn’t like the page. Won’t show anything.

UPDATE: Found the problem you can’t end a script tag with /, you have to use a /script tag.

Written while listening to “Boom! Shake The Room”
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by Will Smith